The Altes Museum…

at the foot of the Museumsinsel shines as one of the most beautiful buildings of Berlin. From the hotel, set out for the Altes Museum and experience a great time journey!

You would almost think the neighbouring Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) would be the highlight of this place in the middle of Berlin. However, the beautiful neo-classical building of the Altes Museum is a true eye-catcher with its grand outside staircase, its 18 majestic columns and its golden inscription.

Inside the Altes Museum, you can find two collections, each belonging to the most important collections of its kind worldwide.

Museumsinsel mit Bode-Museum im Vordergrund

The Antikensammlung (Collection of Classical Antiquities) presents breathtaking objects of ancient Greek and Roman art. Look at the massive stone sculptures, filigree figures of clay and bronze and magnificent friezes and admire beautiful vases, gold jewellery and exquisite silver treasures. In the permanent exhibition on the art and culture of the Greeks, Romans and Etruscans, you can also regard mosaics, art of construction and inscriptions from that era.

The Münzsammlung (Numismatic Collection) is mainly visible at the Bode-Museum. However, there is a selection of the finest examples of ancient minting in the Altes Museum. Also medals are important objects of the Münzsammlung, as well as banknotes, seals and historical minting tools.

Anyway, it is definitely worth paying 10 € entrance fee for the Altes Museum. You will do a wonderful time journey into the antiquity and can discover countless historical treasures.

Since the Altes Museum is centrally located in Berlin, you can either subsequently visit another museum on the Museumsinsel or explore the Alexanderplatz, strolling along Unter den Linden or rummage in some exceptional boutiques at Hackescher Markt.

Because our hotels are all well connected to public transport, you can get back to your hotel room from these spots quickly, where you can already plan the next route for tomorrow´s day with our complimentary Wi-Fi.

Berlin has so much to offer and our hotels are the best starting points for a fantastic and eventful day in our beloved Berlin! So, where you go next?

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