From fjord hotel berlin, you need about half an hour to reach the Arena Berlin. In close vicinity to the hotel is Gleisdreieck underground station. The U1 brings you from there to Schlesisches Tor and from there it is only a short walk.

The Arena Hall on the grounds of the Arena Berlin was originally used in 1927 to shed 240 buses of the transport services. Nowadays, here parties are celebrated, concerts are played, fashion events are staged and gala dinners and similar events take place. The hall is located on the bank of the Spree and can accommodate up to 10.000 guests.

Badeschiff Berlin - Sonne, Sommer, SpreeIn summer, you can cool down at the Badeschiff (bathing ship). As the name suggests a ship was converted as a pool. Thus, you can swim in a huge pool in the river Spree and enjoy your life.

However, on the neighbouring ship, the Hoppetosse, you can dance and party. The ship is a kind of club and you can make a night of it.
Nevertheless, the real club of the Arena Berlin is the Arena Club. The harsh industrial charm makes international and local DJs to play their best sets here in the club. Who wants to celebrate is safe at the Arena Club.

You see, the event area Arena Berlin is incredibly diverse and has to offer a number of venues. Even some more as I have introduced to you here. We wish you so much fun with sunbathing and dancing.

And very important: Do not forget to watch the wonderful panoramic view of the Spree, Oberbaumbrücke (Oberbaum Bridge) and TV Tower. It is worth it!

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Mercedes-Benz Arena
Admiralspalast Berlin

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