The Schloßstraße in Berlin Steglitz has so much to offer. There are shopping centres, department stores, cinemas, a park, a theatre and of course a small castle. However, there is also a specific building, which bears the very special name “Bierpinsel” (beer brush). Our Anna 1908 is in the immediate vicinity of this curious looking building.

The building is built in the typical 70s style and is one of the most unusual of Berlin. However, it is in spite of, or perhaps because of its fancy look, it is a symbol of Steglitz and simply belongs here. In the past, the outside facade was red, meanwhile coloured graffiti images are there on the outer walls, which not contribute necessarily to the embellishment of the Bierpinsel.
But what the Bierpinsel actually is?

Now and then…

Straßenschild Schloßstraße Berlin Steglitz

In 1976, in this building opened a tower restaurant where you got beers and steaks in 46 metres height. After many years, however, the tower had to close the restaurant and the 3-storeyed Bierpinsel was used for other gastronomic establishments and even a disco.
As also these had to close, in 2010 an artists´ café was opened. In the course of this, the facade was “embellished” what I already wrote earlier. Well, and because of Bierpinsel has not indeed already experienced enough, of course, in winter 2010/2011 happened a water-pipe burst. Since then, the tower is closed, as the city and the tenants cannot agree on who is responsible for the damage on the building.

Because of this disagreement, the Bierpinsel has now been for several years only an eye catcher in the cityscape of Steglitz. Perhaps there is indeed a solution soon and a restaurant or a pub moves in the Bierpinsel. Who knows?!

Well, if you would like to see the futuristic Bierpinsel, Anna 1908 might be the place to be as it is just a few steps from the spot. Then you can have a look to get an idea of it.


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