The magnificent building on the northern tip of the Museum Island (Museumsinsel) just looks fabulous and impressive! It seems like a huge ship from the water of the river Spree rises and indeed that was then the intuition of the architect in designing the building. The Bode Museum is regarded as the pride of the Museum Island in Berlin and was later renamed after its first director and spiritual founder Wilhelm von Bode. The three-winged building stands impressive and compact on the edge of the Spree. Inside, however, you can expect a bright and spacious treasury with five halos.

In the Bode Museum, the Skulpturensammlung (Sculpture Collection), the Museum für Byzantinische Kunst (Museum of Byzantine Art), the Münzkabinett (Coin Cabinet) and also the Gemäldegalerie (Art Gallery) and a children’s gallery are united under one roof.

Hackescher Markt Bahnhof Berlin LINDEMANN HOTELS®The Skulpturensammlung shows you in a round tour sculptures and figurative art from the early Middle Ages to the late 18th century. The focus is on the Italian Early Renaissance. In the Museum für Byzantinische Kunst, you can marvel the art of the Western Roman and the Byzantine Empire in the period from 3rd – 15th century. The highlights here are the late antique sarcophagi from Rome and precious ivory carvings.

The Münzkabinett is a very special area of the Berlin Museum. There you will find the full chronicle of human history forged in metal. The extensive collection shows Greek and Roman coins of Ancient, Islamic-Oriental coins and coins from the European Middle Ages. A part of the Münzkabinett you can admire also at the Pergamon Museum next door. However, even if you are not absolutely over the moon because of coins, the Pergamon Museum is definitely worth a visit.


Admission for Bode Museum is 10,- €. For a visit to the Pergamon Museum would be another 12,- € due. Therefore, here is a little tip: There is the “Bereichskarte Museumsinsel Berlin” (Museums Island Ticket). This costs 18,- € and thus you have access to all museums on Museum Island in Berlin.

After this day rich in art and culture you can leave the Museum Island via the Monbijou Bridge, walk along Monbijou Park (that also deserves your attention) and then stroll up the Oranienburger Straße. This little walk could be the culmination of your eventful day.

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Frauen feiern in Berlin
Kalkscheune Berlin
Rosa Fahrrad auf Berliner Straße
Square Rosenthaler Platz

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