The DB Nordbahnhof Carré…

…is located north of our hotel CALMA Berlin Mitte and you can go one station with the S-Bahn or you plan a 15-minute walk. But you still have enough space to separate work and pleasure.

Deutsche Bahn is the largest employer in the city of Berlin. Therefore, it is not surprising that the DB Nordbahnhof Carré together with opposite Stettiner Carré employs 3,700 people.

Zimmer Hotel Calma Berlin Mitte XS mit Schreibtisch

The 7-storey building complex opened on the site of the former Nordbahnhof (North Station) in Berlin in 2011 and formed the numerically most important and largest office of Deutsche Bahn with the Stettiner Carré, the BahnTower at Potsdamer Platz and the bow-shaped constructions of the Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

The also 7-storey Stettiner Carré is in use since 2005 and houses in there the locations of DB Kommunikationstechnik, DB Services as well as DB ProjektBau. In the DB Nordbahnhof Carré is also DB Services housed, but also the locations of DB Zeitarbeit, DB Netz AG, DB International as well as the Historical Archives of the Deutsche Bahn and the S-Bahn Berlin. Thus, in Berlin Mitte the DB Nordbahnhof Carré is also the largest real estate site of Deutsche Bahn in Germany.

Work before pleasure

Your work is done and it´s knocking-off time? Just go ahead and enjoy the metropolis Berlin. After all, Berlin Mitte offers infinite ways to spend your evening. So what do you want? Theatre, cinema, tasty dinner, or relaxing at the hotel and put your feet up.

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Friedrichstrasse in Berlin nahe den LINDEMANN HOTELS®
Friedrichstrasse Berlin
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