In the middle of Berlin Kreuzberg, there is a little secret place. From this place is rarely spoken, but it is truly unique and definitely worth a visit.

It is a remnant of formerly created in Berlin waterways. It was a kind of harbor and therefore has its square shape. Although the waterways and canals have now been filled in, the Engelbecken and the Indian fountain with the Buddha statue, built at that time, are still preserved.

Berlin Kreuzberg Kiez Bei NachtThere is even a documentary about it, which is about an East-West love relationship to GDR times crazy. More information can be found here: Documentation “Engelbecken”a

If in winter the water of the Engelbecken is frozen, you can even turn a few laps with ice skates on the ice surface between all the Berliners. That is really something.
On the south side of Engelbecken a rose garden was created. Here you can ha a wonderful walk and enjoy your day. On the opposite side is a small café. On floral sofas in winter or on the broad sun terrace in summer you can enjoy the atmosphere from Engelbecken here.

But if you feel like to discovering a little more of Berlin, then don’t drive straight back to the hotel but take a walk to Bergmannkiez in Berlin Kreuzberg. In this colorful and flashy area bars and restaurants are waiting for From Engelbecken back to the hotel, it is also not far. You can use different underground lines and bus lines to return to fjord hotel berlinLINDEMANN’S, Anna 1908 or CALMA Berlin Mitte.

Enjoy your time in Berlin and have fun.

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Oranienburger Strasse

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