The Federal Intelligence Service…

…has its headquarters in Pullach by Munich and its property in Berlin – Lichtenberg. The headquarters in Berlin-Mitte is currently under construction. Since the first quarter of 2014 some employees moved into the already completed part of the building. End of 2015 the staff of the BND moved in.

Siegessäule Berlin Bei Nacht ohne Fahrzeuge

It has in total about 6.500 employees who work on behalf of the federal government for the security of Germany. The Federal Intelligence Service is the only foreign intelligence service of the Federal Republic and combines economic, political and military foreign intelligence. In most cases, the Service operates in secret and hidden and collects information that go beyond public facts.

The tasks of the Federal Intelligence Service are diverse. Main task is to ensure the security of the Federal Republic by comprehensive supply for Federal Government with robust and demanded information at the right time.

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