The Mauerpark…

…is actually not a park and the Wall is also not there. Nevertheless, it is located in the former area of the death strip of the Berlin Wall. Immediately after the Fall of the Wall, the terrain was converted into a green area. The Berliners ignored the guard towers that all around still stood. They used the open area for recreation and enjoyed their reclaimed freedom. Since then, the Mauerpark is a lively and popular place. Gradually, the green area was prepared to a park and the guard towers were removed. A 300-metre strip of the Hinterland Wall still stands in the park today as a monument and is a popular place for graffiti artists to paint and display their work.Mauerpark in Berlin bei den

The entire Mauerpark boasts otherness. It is motley there at the weekends and you meet a wide variety of people. Whether students or retirees, singles or families, whether passing travellers or tourists, whether dreamer or creative folks or hedonists, and above all no matter whether East-, West- or New-Berliners! In the Mauerpark in Berlin, you really meet the colourful mix!


On one corner, you can join a group of boules-players, or you have a look to the jugglers who demonstrate their new tricks at the weekend. However, you can also take a ball and kick a bit! (Almost) everything is allowed!

Flea market

On Sundays, the beyond the borders of Berlin famous flea market at Mauerpark takes place. Between 8 am and 6 pm, you can rummage for treasures, discover singularities, fall in love with gems and get your new favourite for little money. From Mauerpark it is then also not far to the hotel, where you can relaxed end this great day.

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Tempelhofer Feld

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