The square Rosenthaler Platz…

…is constantly changing. Here was formerly the Rosenthaler Gate. Today’s Torstrasse, crosses the square Rosenthaler Platz, was once the city wall of Berlin. Until the 19th century, Jews were allowed to enter the city of Berlin only through the Rosenthaler Gate. However, the gate was demolished in 1867 to make room for the enlargement of the city.

In 1930, the underground station Rosenthaler Platz was opened, but in the course of the Construction of the Wall in 1961, it became one of the famous ghost stations of Berlin. Only after the Fall of the Wall in 1989, the subway station returned to service.

If you are there, you will see that the square Rosenthaler Platz is not a square in the proper sense, but rather a transport hub. Four roads meet each other here, Rosenthaler Strasse, Brunnenstrasse, Torstrasse and Weinbergsweg. The Weinbergsweg takes its name from the vineyards that were there previously. Today there is a beautiful park, the Volkspark am Weinberg (the public park in the vineyard). With a small pond, a rose garden and a large sunbathing lawn it offers a small recovery near the tumult at the square Rosenthaler Platz.

Hackesche Höfe in Berlin bei den

Directly at the square Rosenthaler Platz you can find a lot to discover in the backyards. For example, there are small theatres, shops, studios, clubs and art galleries. It is not to be compared with the Hackesche Höfe at Hackescher Markt, and yet charming and well worth a visit.

Hungry, thirsty?

Of course, the gastronomy may not be unmentioned. There are around the square Rosenthaler Platz various cafes, restaurants, bars and the obligatory Döner shop (kebab shop) may not lack in Berlin, of course! However, in the historical building of the restaurant St. Oberholz beer was pulled since 1898. Perhaps you are thirsty from strolling or you feel like having delicious bagels, salty and sweet cakes, open-faced pita or focaccia, then you are there just right.

From restaurant St. Oberholz, you walk a few steps down the Rosenthaler Strasse and then turn right into the Linienstrasse. After a few minutes walking, you reach the hotel CALMA Berlin Mitte.

Perhaps there are places in Berlin, which have more to offer at a first glance. But you will see! The area around the square Rosenthaler Platz has its own special charm that you will find in Berlin probably nowhere else. Now I fancy a bagel. What about you?



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