The Berlin University of the Arts is not only the biggest art college of Europe, it is also the oldest art college of the world! It belongs with the Freie Universität, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Technische Universität to the 4 state universities in Berlin.

The university location in Schöneberg is the Media House. It is located adjacent to the Kleistpark quite near our hotel. So if you walk from the LINDEMANN’S through the park, you have arrived not only fast at the Berlin University of the Arts, but have also catched a little culture on the way.

Surely, you will be impressed by the magnificent building of the local Kammergericht (Court of Appeal)! Do you know that you can visit it? You can find information here.

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Back to topic: As you may know, the Berlin University of the Arts is one of the most versatile and most traditional art colleges in the world. For example, in Berlin Schöneberg the faculty offers the courses of studies “Visual Communication”, “Art & Media”, “Design with a focus on Interactive Systems and Communication in Social” and “Economic Contexts with a focus on Audio Visual Communication”. The other locations are located elsewhere in Berlin and represent the faculty of Fine Arts, Music and Performing Arts.

Almost every day you can visit exhibitions, concerts, plays, recitals, lectures, talks and presentations by students of the University of the Arts. Every year there are about 500 of these events and maybe you are in the mood for checking out, what the students have prepared.

So if you’re on your way from our hotel LINDEMANN’S to the Media House of the Berlin University of the Arts, do not forget a side trip through the Kleistpark! You will definitely like that!



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Berlin Regierungsviertel Reichstag
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Berlin State Library

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