The new show

If you like to arrange an entertaining, charming and diversified evening in Berlin, then you should take a closer look at the Wintergarten Variety on Potsdamer Straße 96 in Berlin Tiergarten. About every 3 to 4 months the shows change.

1920s vs. 2020s…

The golden 1920s were a pretty crazy and roaring time in Berlin. 20 20 – The Twenties Variety Revue, that’s the name of the new show! The entire theater, including the foyer, staff and audience are part of this spectacle of the 1920s! The fascination of the time 100 years ago continues to this day and a opulent show was put on stage that bridges the gap from then to now. After all, the 20s are back! Captivating acrobatics with live music and a show that could have just taken place in the Wintergarten Variety! From February 11th 2020 to June 11th 2020 you can dive into this dazzling world!

Lobby im fjord hotel berlin der LINDEMANN HOTELS®As our fjord hotel berlin is just 500 metres away from the Wintergarten Variety, you can walk to the theatre and even after the event, you are back at the hotel in a few minutes. Our LINDEMANN’S is located also at Potsdamer Straße like Wintergarten Variety, but unfortunately it is not quite comfortable to walk on high heels through Berlin (Girls, you know what I mean?!). Therefore, you should better take a taxi that brings you in less than 5 minutes to the Wintergarten Variety. My dear colleagues from the reception like to book a taxi for you.

When you arrive there, you will definitely succumb to the nostalgic charm of the 20’s and enjoy the pleasant and unique atmosphere under the legendary starry sky of the Wintergarten Variety. The lobby is decorated with old photographs and show-posters and it puts you right from the start back to the Golden Twenties.

Are you curious now? Then we will see you soon in Berlin! Bye for now!

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District Tiergarten

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