Potsdamer Platz, TV Tower, Brandenburg Gate, Memorial Church – These are the sights which come to mind first when you think of Berlin. Of course, our wonderful capital city zoo also belongs to it and I do recommend a visit.

Since our hotels are ideally connected to the public transport, it is very easy to get to your destination. Either you take the bus 204 from the hotel LINDEMANN’S or you take the U2 from the fjord hotel berlin to station Zoologischer Garten. There the first and oldest zoo of Germany awaits you.

In 1844 the Berlin Zoo was opened and is today deemed the richest in species zoo in the world with its 20.000 animals and 1.500 species. Beside the biggest aviary of Europe, the biggest aquarium of Europe also awaits you! You see, I do really use many superlatives! But that makesperfectly sense since the park of the Berlin Zoo is really nice designed and definitely worth a visit. The spacious and green area makes you feel like doing an adventure-walk and I am sure you will like it!

Kleines Feines im fjord hotel berlin

On the area of the Berlin Zoo, the Aquarium also awaits you. Here, you can spectate fishes, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and insects on three floors and immerse yourselves in another world. However, a separate ticket is required for the Aquarium. Therefore, if you like to visit the Berlin Zoo and the Aquarium, you should buy the combi-ticket. In addition, you can buy the tickets online and simply bring them on your smartphone or tablet. Print out is not at all necessary and simplifies the whole thing considerably. Moreover, you also save queuing at the ticket offices so you can directly go to the entrance. Here you can check out whether you rather prefer the single-ticket or combi-ticket.


An interesting combination of zoo and sports, I do not want to keep this back from you. Since 2008, the annually Great-10K-Berlin-run takes place. More than 6.000 runners tackle year after year the 10-kilometre-long distance, which even runs through the Berlin Zoo. If you have no plans for 13th October 2019 so far, then this event could be something for you!

13.10.2019 Schloss Charlottenburg 12:00 pm   
13.10.2019 Schloss Charlottenburg 01:30 pm

Since 2008, the 10-kilometer run through our capital city has been a success every year. The special thing about this route is that part of it runs through the Berlin Zoo. Past the enclosures of the rhinos and lions the goal is then soon reached.

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